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To the left of the rivers Leine and Ihme you find the district Linden. Linden was an independent town until 1920, with numerous industrial settlements and huge working-class quarters. But you also find a lot of green spaces on and around the Linden mountain and along both rivers. Today the town district of Linden-Limmer has 43,000 inhabitants and is divided into the quarters Linden Mitte, Linden Süd, Linden  Nord and Limmer.

Linden is characterised by a varied gastronomy scene and a high share of students and inhabitants with migration background. Politically the district has always been a domain of the ‚ reds‘. Thus the socialists here were very active even during World War 2 and formed one of the biggest oppositional cells against the National Socialism in Germany. The public participation is very high and has produced intellectuals like Hannah Arendt, Rudolf Augstein or Kurt Schumacher who lived or worked here.

That's why many creatives and artists settled down here in the last decades, so that a very vivid district developed. Cultural events, e.g. the Fährmannsfest, a famous open air festival on the peninsula where the rivers Ihme and Leine reunite, attract people from way beyond the city boundaries. Today Linden is the hippest quarter of Hannover and drags well-to-do citizens into the local residential market. This leads to luxurious new buildings and renovations and increasing rents.

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