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  • 1. What's the flat supposed to be equipped like?

    The flat is supposed to be completely equipped. Moving in, the new tenant is bringing their personal things only. The basic furniture should inlcude a bed, a wardrobe, a table and seats. The more complete and comfortable the interior is, the more appealing it is for our clients! The kitchen is very important, and it should include a set of utensils, pots, cans, cuttlery, dishes and the usual devices. Bedding, linen and towels are needed, too. Most of our flats offer a TV, a washing machine and internet because these features are the most frequently requested ones.

  • 2. How do I calculate a rent?

    A rental price is as unique as a flat. So rental prices are individually to calculate. List all the costs that are related to your flat, including the average costs for electricity, heating, internet etc. The sum is to be rounded up by a safety surcharge. The standard of your flat and it's location determine the total rent that we recommend, and your refund is the difference between the covering costs and the claimed rent. Please get in touch with us!

  • 3. Are the rental prices all-inclusiv prices?

    Yes, the indicated monthly rent is supposes to include all utility bills. Our customers need to rely on fix prices and transparency. Only in some cases, it makes sense to not include all bills. This could be the electric bill or internet, for instance. Please get in touch with us if you need help to calculate the right rental price!

  • 4. Who choses the tenant? Can I refuse?

    It's always the lessor of a property who decides for or against a tenant. As we are in contact with our clients during the whole flathunt, we know their attidude and their peronality. If we recommend a suitable tenant, we expect our landladies and landords to take them into consideration. If you see a reason to reject one of our clients, please be honest with us so that we can clear misunderstangs or as an alternative, tell the client in a proper way.

  • 5. What kinds of clients will be interested in my property?

    Our clients are from Germany and from all over the world. Most people start a new job. It's either the employer who provides accomadation for expats and new employees, or it's a private individiual who looks for a a place to stay while settling and finding a long term home. Alternatively, a lot of clients are on a project for a limited period of time.

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