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4,400 inhabitants live in this part of town called zoo quarter which belongs to the city district. The Eilenriede, which is the biggest urban forest in Europe, covers most of the northern and eastern part of the quarter. Hohenzollernstrasse is the border in the west to Oststadt and Walderseestrasse in the north to List. In the east Kleestrasse, running parallel to the express way, forms the border to the quarter Groß-Buchholz.

The southern area next to the city centre is an upper class residential district with numerous town villas in Wilhelminian style and Art Nouveau, some modern administrative buildings and more and more luxurious new buildings. In the south the zoo quarter goes to the railway line Hannover-Berlin.

In the western corner of the Eilenriede, at Emmichplatz, there is the college for music and theatre which has produced some internationally notable artists. From there the Fritz's Behrens avenue leads you in northeast direction to the zoo and further on to Groß-Buchholz. The Bernadotteallee again leads through the Eilenriede in north south direction and connects the quarters List with the Zoo quarter.

In the zoo the recently formed topic sceneries like the Zambezi, Yukon Bay or jungle palace offer a diverse living space to the animals and have become public magnets. Through the Adenauerallee as a lengthening of the Bernadotteallee you reach the Hannover Congress centrum HCC with the town park where the first federal horticultural show took place in 1951. The dome of the 100 year-old town hall is visible over a long distance. Here is the biggest concert hall of Lower Saxony with 3,600 seats. Halls of all dimensions, conference rooms and a connected hotel offer the best conditions for events of all kind and for smaller fairs in Hannover.

Opposite to the HCC lies the old Eilenriede stadium. Here the youth teams of the Bundesliga club Hannover 96 have their matches.

The zoo quarter offer a large amount of the nicest, but also the most expensive flats of town. Elegant, quiet living and the good accessibility of the city as well as the town wood with his leisure possibilities make the zoo a good address.

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