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The Nordstadt with 16,600 inhabitants encloses the area between the railway line Hannover-Minden in the north-east, the river Leine in the south and reaches up to the eastern moat of the Great Garden of Herrenhausen and the Mountain Garden. 50 % of the area of the districts  Nordstadt and Herrenhausen are covered by green areas which allow recreation and varied leisure activities.

The Engelbosteler Damm with the tramlines 6 and 11 divides the Nordstadt in an east part, rebuilt after 1946, and an area reconstructed after 1985 with many old town houses. In this street you can find shops, supermarkets, restaurants, kiosks, medical practises, bars and pubs. Particularly the area between Christ's church and Kopernikusstraße invites for strolling. You can see that the student life determines everyday life, particularly in the favorable prices in the bars and restaurants here.

Along the Nienburger Straße with the tramlines 4 and 5, the castle ‘Welfenschloss' as the main building of the university today, the university library, the main canteen and some institutes lie on right-hand,  as well as some wonderful, old villas further down that street.

From Königsworther place, southwest of the Nienburger Straße up to the Great Garden in the east there lies a landscape garden, formed in the English style, namely the Georgengarten. Here on the meadows of the extensive green you can meet horse carriages, joggers, students and families spend their leisure time.
Between Georgengarten and the river Leine there are diverse sports venues and a large allotment domain.

The district of Herrenhausen with 7,700 inhabitants lies in the west of the Nordstadt and is bounded by the river Leine in the west and by the railway in the north. The name is derived from the summer residence of the Guelphs. The recently finished reconstruction of the castle, indeed, with a very modern inside, completes the Great Garden, one of the most important European baroque gardens. He attracts not only tourists, also the international fireworks competition taking place annually here and particularly the festival `Kleines Fest im Großen Garten‘ are real crowd puller events.

Opposite to the castle Herrenhausen lies the mountain garden ‘Berggarten’ with the botanical garden, the tropical Sea Life aquarium and the mausoleum of the Hanoverian line of the Guelphs.

Following the Herrenhäuser Straße and the tram lines 4 and 5 out of town, you pass the Herrenhäuser brewery where the ‘Herri’ is brewed on the left, and immediately on the border to Leinhausen the Leinhäuser railway station. The old station building was renovated in best practice and formed into an event centre.
From the inexpensive student flatlet to the architect's flat in a villa you find your flat on time here - with a high quality of life by good means of public transportations and wonderful green sites nearby.

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