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Calenberger Neustadt with ist 6,500 inhabitants belongs to the district ´Mitte` and lies between the Old Town and Linden. The original area between the river Ihme, Bremer Damm, Brühlstrasse and Leibnizufer is a residential area with beautiful old buildings in the area of the Königsworther Straße but the more you get to the south, the more post-war buildings appear. The brick building of the Friederikenstift hospital in Humboldtstrasse, built in 1876 and rebuilt immediately after World War 2, is a contrast to the modern and with lots of glass formed construction of the Calenberger Esplanade.  This building is a center with restaurants, retail, doctors and offices. In a nearby high rise e.on IT is based.

Along Leibnizufer and around Waterlooplatz with its victory column and within sight from the Landtag (Lower Saxony’s state parliament) in the Leine castle, several state ministries, the state archive, the vocational school centre as well as several big administration buildings lie close together. The wide lawn of the Waterlooplatz is a good place for circuses or for public viewings when ten thousands of people gather for important sport events e.g. the football world championship.

In the southern, mostly unoccupied half of the district, between Linden south and the lake Maschsee, you can find the Schützenplatz Hannover,  the International School Hannover Region as well as the state library (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz library); and further south the sport park with the football stadium HDI-Arena, the Swiss Life Hall, the Stadionbad and the Olympiastützpunkt Niedersachsen.
In the south, the Calenberger Neustadt is limited by the ‘Schneller Graben’ which diverts the most part of the water from the river Leine into the river Ihme to avoid floodings of the city center.

It’s a good living in Calenberger Neustadt. It is central and you have a very good connection to other parts of town by public means of transportation. On the other hand the City, Linden or some parks are within walking distance. In the evening the cabaret ‚Werkstattgalerie Calenberg‘ in Kommandanturstrasse is worth a visit.

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