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In northeast direction to the central station you find the quarter Oststadt with just 14,000 inhabitants. It belongs to the district Hannover centre, however, merges into the extensive part of town called List with approx. 44,000 inhabitants. The List extends over an area between the urban forest Eilenriede in the southeast, the canal Mittellandkanal in the north and the street Eulenkamp in the east.  The borders of the List are formed by Isernhagener Strasse in the west (to the quarter of Vahrenwald) and by Wedekindstrasse in the south (to the Oststadt).

If you leave the central station by the exit north, it leads you to the Raschplatz with the casino (Spielbank RP5), several cinemas and discos.  Left hand behind the coach station, at feet of the old television tower a new shopping and service centre was built a few years ago. Here you can shop until late night. Behind the road overpass of the city ring beside the striking Bredero high rise, the recently modernised cultural centre‚ Pavilion’ offers a varied concert and event programme. Opposite to the Pavilion you can find the HomeCompany office.

The pedestrian area `Lister Meile’  with many small and bigger stores, restaurants and cafés starts at Weißekreuzplatz in front of the pavilion.

The ‚Meile‘  is the lifeline of the Oststadt and connects this with the Lister Platz, the centre of the quarter List.  On the ‚Meile‘ you meet other people, do some shopping or visit the weekly market on Thursdays.  The tram lines 3, 7 and 9 run right beneath the Lister Meile as a subway. The Pobielskistrasse is the elongation of the Lister Meile;  from Lister Platz the tram comes back to surface again.

The area between that‚ Meile‘ and the urban forest  Eilenriede is one of the most demanded   residential quarters in Hannover, not least because of many well-preserved houses with large flats and gorgeous facades built in Wilhelminian time. Notably worth seeing  is he architecture in the avenue of Bödekerstrasse and the numerous villas in the wilhelminian style along Hohenzollernstrasse on the edge of the Eilenriede.

The inhabitants of the Oststadt and of this part of the List appreciate the big-city atmosphere with the good infrastructure, the quick accessibility of the city centre, the solidity of the nicely preserved and renovated old buildings as well as the nearness of the urban forest with his leisure possibilities.

As the Moltkeplatz with its weekly market in the west edge of the List is still surrounded by dwelling houses from the 19th century, you can find more and more houses built in the Bauhaus style along Podbielskistrasse beyond the place‚ Vier Grenzen‘. On the area of the former Pelikan factory one can admire the successful change of use from the old industrial architecture to elegant gastronomy and trade properties. The historical appearance of the old factory was received, so that it forms the landmark of the whole quarter called ‚Pelikanviertel‘ today.

More modern residential areas close the gap to the canal where the new headquarters of the VHV assurance were built recently.
Concerning residential quality and quality of life the Oststadt and List lead the rank in Hannover. From the small flatlet up to the spacious flat, HomeCompany can offer numerous objects in this district, however, you have to be quick as there is a huge demand.

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